"Amid this impressive cast, it’s worth singling out the relatively little known Keong Sim, who plays Dr. Sung Park, an American immigrant who’s a brilliant surgeon but speaks very little English and, thus, has a terribly abrupt bedside manner that comforts no one. This is the sort of part Kelley would have over-laden with quirk in previous years, but both Kelley and Sim seem committed to playing out the idea of what it might be like to be this doctor, living in this country, having to deal with these people. The character seems at all times like he might tip over into some sort of racist caricature, but he never quite does. Both Kelley and Sim imbue him with dignity and honor, and they play both his pride in his work and his frustration in those things he is less able at. It’s a surprisingly riveting character, where most viewers wouldn’t expect to find one."
A.V. Club, By Todd VanDerWerff  


Steppenwolf Theater, Long Wharf Theater, La Jolla Playhouse, Berkeley Repertory Theatre

“A quiet, perceptive adaptation of masterful Japanese short stories creates an evening of entrancing theater. Sim uses the barest essentials to play a giant frog – green gloves, socks and glasses – but his body language does all the work.”
– Paul Hodgins, The Orange County Register

"Sim... prove(s) remarkable in both quick-change artistry and comic timing".

– Ken Bullock, Berkeley Daily Planet

The splashiest transformation belongs to Keong Sim as the engaging Narrator who seamlessly morphs into Superfrog.”
– Dorothy Chansky, NY TheatreWire

“Galati uses a narrator, played by the tall, polished Keong Sim to insinuate Murakami’s style into the production… the commanding, sinuous Sim.”
– Malcolm Johnson, The Hartford Courant

Steppenwolf’s actors were strong, especially Keong Sim, who played both the main narrator and the giant frog…”
– Jay Rubin, American Theatre Magazine

Keong Sim is both comic and commanding…”
– Kerry Reid, The Chicago Reader



The Public Theatre, NYC

“The energy that flows through the new musical "Radiant Baby,” a frenetic ode to the late artist Keith Haring, keeps the show at a pitch that makes it lively to watch and ultimately a moving tribute not only to Haring but to others who have also been lost to AIDS. Among the standout performers is Keong Sim as Tseng Kwong Chi, Haring’s photographer friend.”
– William Wolfe, Wolfe Entertainment Guide

Keong Sim is outstanding as Haring’s photographer-friend.”
– Frederick M. Winship, Cayman Net News




Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Repertory Theater of St. Louis

 “A new, dazzling production of William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night… Sim plays a dashing Sebastian, and does terrific work with the language of the play.”
– Chris King, The St. Louis American

Sim, in turn, is delightful in his encounter with ‘the crazy people’ of Illyria and in his acceptance of Olivia’s marriage proposal.”
– Deanna Jent, Riverfront Times


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